I will be presenting my research this week at MIT media lab's Disrupting Mobility:  A global summit investigating sustainable futures.  The international conference is co-convened by Ryan Chin, City Science Initiative MIT and Susan Shaheen, Transportation Sustainability Research Center, UC Berkeley.  Hope to see you there!    @tierneytoo@disruptmobility

November 11-13 2015

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Public Space of Social Media

Routledge announced that due to the success of The Public Space of Social Media: Connected Cultures of the Network Society, they have plans for a paperback edition! The book describes how the development of social networks is giving rise to new, increasingly fragmented realms, allowing for both expanded networks of communication and increased surveillance and control.  Public Space of Social Media explores the consequences of these changes, as they ultimately manifest themselves in the physical space of the city.

The Public Space of Social Media was a finalist for the Jane Jacobs Urban Communication Award in 2014.