Recent Publications on Networked Urbanism


Intelligent Infrastructure: Zipcars, Invisible Networks and Urban Transformation - Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press (2017)

The Public Space of Social Media: Connected Cultures of the Network Society - New York: Routledge (2013)

The Manual of Networked Possibilities: A collection of forward-thinking interventions for Intelligent Cities (2012) - available from Lulu as a downloadable book



Abstract Space: Beneath the Media Surface - London: Routledge UK (2007)

Network Practices: New Strategies for Architects + Designers - co-edited with Anthony Burke.  New York: Princeton Architectural Press (2007)






"Toronto's Smart City: Everyday Life or Google Life?" A_MPS Journal (London UK: Autumn 2018) forthcoming.

“Public Space Rewired,” keynote essay for The Architectural Review (London: vol. CCXLI, no. 1438:    Shared Space/Women in Architecture 2017).

"Reappropriating Social Media" in Foundations of Mobile Media Studies: Formation of a Field. Jason Farman, Editor. London: Routledge 2017

"Networked Urbanism:  Definition, Scholarship, Directions" in Critical Approaches to Contemporary ArchitectureSwati Chattopadhyay and Jeremy White, Editors. London: Routledge 2018 (forthcoming)

"Complex Choreographies of Mobile Mappings" Medium, San Francisco, CASept 19, 2016

Redefining Immediacy: Crowdsourcing Localized Information for Urban Resilience”  The European Business Review, London, UK July 9, 2014

Synthetic Digital Ecologies.Trace SF: Bay Area Urbanism online architecture journal (February 17, 2013)



"Disentangling Public Space: Social Media & Internet Activism." Thresholds 41 (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, Spring 2013) 82-89.

Positioning Locative Media: A Critical Urban Intervention.”  Leonardo: Journal of the International Society for Arts, Sciences, Technology: Environment.  Issue 46:3 (June 2013) MIT Press; Cambridge MA.

An Interview With Erik Adigard Air XYZ: From Immaterial To Rematerial: The 11th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale Corderie dell’Arsenale.”  BAM Digital Culture online  February 27, 2009 

Formulating Abstraction: Conceptual Art and the Architectural Object.” Leonardo: Journal of the Int. Society for Arts, Sciences, Technology 40, no1: 51-57 (2007). Cambridge MA: MIT Press

Collective Cognition: Neural Fabrics and Social Softwares.”  AD: Architectural Design. London: Wiley Academy. Sept/Oct 76 no5: 36-45.

Biological Networks: on neurons, cellular automata and relational architectures.” in Network Practice: New Strategies for Architecture and Design.  New York: Princeton Architectural Press 2007 pp 78-99.


Invited Interview: "Is Paris a Smarter City than New York?" PRIME HubTech The TechMap Sustainable Design Journal, August 23, 2013.

Invited Video Interview: “Big Data & Urban Resilience.” CaFEET,  Stanford University, November 22, 2013.


"How to Hack Utopia: speculative Interventions"  UIUC Smart Cities seminar

"Making New History: The Chicago Biennale" UIUC Design seminar