Panel Discussion at SPUR SF on September 12, 2017

In our increasingly connected world, it is wireless infrastructure, rather than built form, that binds a city together.  Today’s networked city encompasses more than just technology; it allows for previously unimagined levels of adaptability, serving to organize people, policy and practices.  Yet at the same time, there are serious concerns related to data collection, data ownership and privacy. What does this new paradigm mean for architects and urban planners? Come hear a dynamic and diverse panel of speakers discuss how knowledge of the 'smart city' is critical to understanding our new urban environment.  

A book signing and reception will follow the discussion.

+ TF Tierney moderator / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
+ Antwi Akom / San Francisco State University
+ Ben Feldman / Mia Lehrer + Associates
+ Gerry Tierney / Perkins + Will