Architecture_MPS Journal

Architecture_Media Politics Society Journal [UCL Press] has published my paper, Toronto’s Smart City: Everyday Life or Google Life?, edited by Graham Cairns of Columbia University.  The discussion focuses on the City of Toronto’s recent award to Sidewalk Lab [nee Google] for design services, which has sparked a heated controversy among urban planners and citizens alike. Toronto’s decision not only signals a different model of professional practice, but it also represents a conceptual shift away from citizen toward urban consumer. By engaging a private technology company, one that passively captures data on its customers and then re-sales that data to third parties, Toronto’s smart city points to a significant change in the understanding and practice of contemporary urban planning and design.

Architecture_MPS  is a peer-reviewed open access journal that aims to address the growing interest in the social and political interpretation of the built environment from a multi-disciplinary perspective. It publishes high-profile academics and emerging voices, including notable international figures such as Noam Chomsky and Kenneth Frampton. By linking its publications with a range of research programs and conferences, the journal further raises awareness of the social importance of architecture.

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